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Home Window Tinting for Wollongong

With home window tinting, Wollongong residents can greatly reduce heat and glare while improving the look and privacy of their houses.

Glazing is an important part of any home. However, the harsh Australian sun can create a host of problems ranging from high heat build-up, excessive glare, high energy costs, harsh fading of carpets, paint and furniture etc.

Control the Sun

At South Coast Window Tinting Wollongong, we can help control these problems with a large range of home tinting films to suit your lifestyle and decor.

The latest technology has created high heat rejection films that don't darken your home. They don't fade or discolour and have a scratch resistant coating for improved durability.

Professionally installed solar film will greatly enhance the energy efficiency and functionality of your home which translates into lower energy bills, improved comfort, added privacy and greater protection against the harsh Australian sun.

Our house window films reflect up to 79% of the heat, control up to 92% of the glare and over 99% of harmful U.V Rays.

Add Style and Privacy

Residential films come in a large range of colours and shades to suit your design and decor as well as providing that needed privacy. Available decorative films can substitute for frosted, etched and sandblasted glass. Read More

Protect your Family

Domestic films are also available in the form of safety and security films. These protect your family from accidental physical harm caused by broken glass, lessen the chance of unwanted intruders and reduce the liklihood of damage from extreme weather such as excessive high winds. Read More

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Some benefits from installing window film:

  • Elimination of 99% of harmful rays
  • Reduction of solar heat by up to 75%
  • Protection from sun while still allowing a view
  • Reduction of fading to furniture, carpets, wooden flooring etc….
  • Reduction of glare
  • Provides extra safety and security by holding glass together in the event of an accident or break-in
  • No Special Maintenance
  • No blinds to clean
  • saves you money on expensive and ineffective blinds
  • Increases privacy in your home
  • Enhances appearance
  • Window film does not always mean dark tints as Lighter films are also available

Advantages in using our Window Film :

  • Keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Reduces UV Rays and Fading
  • Looks Sensational and adds value
  • Tough scratch resistant coating for durability
  • Enhances your view out
  • Increased privacy and safety
  • WER accredited films
  • Written manufacturer warranty