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Anti-Graffiti Films or Coatings - Wollongong

With anti graffiti films, Wollongong business owners can protect their expensive glass windows and save thousands of dollars each year.

The anti graffiti coatings (or films) provide a protective barrier on windows and is highly recommended for the areas of Wollongong that are particularly prone to destructive graffiti and glass scratching attacks.

Graffiti creates an unsightly visual appearance on windows and replacing the glass is a costly expense for business owners to say the least.

Fortunately there is now a quick and easy way to protect your glass from vandalism by applying anti-graffiti film.

Anti-graffiti films are a crystal clear polyester with adhesive on one side and a tough plastic coating on the other.

When applied to the outside of your windows it provides a protective barrier.

When vandals do strike the window glass remains unmarked and only the film needs to be replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacement glass.

The film is effective against spray painting damage, acid attacks, attempts to gouge or deep scratch the glass etc.

The film has such excellent transparent qualities that vandals don't even know it is there.

Anti-graffiti film is suitable for exterior application to glass and metal surfaces.

It is ideal for use in retail shop fronts, mirrors, public access areas, bus shelters, shopping centre balustrades, public transport vehicles, train windows etc.

The film will also block out up to 99% of U.V rays, thus helping protect furniture, fittings and stock from fading.

Because the film is so strong it also makes the glass more shatter resistant, thereby protecting your staff and public from glass damage.

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Some benefits from installing window film:

  • Elimination of 99% of harmful rays
  • Reduction of solar heat by up to 75%
  • Protection from sun while still allowing a view
  • Reduction of fading to furniture, carpets, wooden flooring etc….
  • Reduction of glare
  • Provides extra safety and security by holding glass together in the event of an accident or break-in
  • No Special Maintenance
  • No blinds to clean
  • saves you money on expensive and ineffective blinds
  • Increases privacy in your home
  • Enhances appearance
  • Window film does not always mean dark tints as Lighter films are also available

Advantages in using our Window Film :

  • Keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Reduces UV Rays and Fading
  • Looks Sensational and adds value
  • Tough scratch resistant coating for durability
  • Enhances your view out
  • Increased privacy and safety
  • WER accredited films
  • Written manufacturer warranty